About Ethical Alternative Products

Our Mission - Occupying the Middle Ground: Ethical pharmaceutical products (prescription drugs), and dietary supplements represent distant extremes in dealing with personal health issues. There are, unfortunately, many drawbacks associated with each of these approaches to maintaining optimal health, that offset the promised benefits.

Ethical drug products are a core element of modern healthcare, often providing life-saving and life-enhancing options for seriously ill patients. The downside of ethical drug products is the extremely high cost of prescription drugs, the gradual erosion of meaningful therapeutic effects, and the high incidence of serious side effects. There are still many valuable drugs that are safe and effective for helping us through acute situations, but most drugs being developed today are targeted for chronic diseases. A large number of these drugs are minor chemical manipulations of a proven drug molecule, but massive marketing campaigns are mounted to justify exorbitant pricing. Perhaps more important than the high prices for marginal value, is the fact that drugs are not natural substances that are familiar to our bodies and our metabolism. In addition to the intended pharmacologic effect, these synthetic molecules can damage the liver during metabolic removal and have unintended detrimental effects in other organs.

Dietary supplements offer a broad spectrum of natural substances which have a beneficial effect on restoring a healthy balance. Many natural substances can be beneficial in dealing with chronic ailments that are usually, but not always, associated with aging. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for the average consumer of dietary supplements to know what products are of real value. Almost all supplement products are now made in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices that assure ingredient potency and remove a major consumer concern, but there is still substantial confusion regarding the benefits of consuming different supplement products.

The middle ground between ethical drugs and the vast array of dietary supplement products and health claims, is to offer safe and effective natural products that have a strong scientific basis for their use that are marketed with conservative/realistic claims. This goal is achieved through scientific evaluation of selected natural substances and the manner in which they are formulated, coupled with the use of quality raw materials and quality manufacturing.
Ethical Alternative Products was created to provide dietary supplement users a trusted source of natural medicines. In a move toward what will hopefully become the norm for dietary supplement suppliers, we have chosen to only offer products that have a substantial body of scientific and clinical studies that support product efficacy and safety. In addition, our products employ unique dosage forms to enhance performance and convenience, and are produced with premium quality raw materials. Our products are produced in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. It is our singular goal to employ the pharmaceutical expertise of our management team to identify, evaluate, and supply dietary supplement products that meet the highest ethical standards.