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Alpha Lipoic Acid: The Miracle Molecule that Combats Chronic Diseases and Promotes a Healthy Lifespan.

As we age, we seek ways to stay healthy and functional.  This article describes the biological properties of alpha lipoic acid, an amazing molecule that can help us expand our healthspan.  If alpha lipoic acid could be patented, we would be inundated with press releases, advertisements and compelling stories, that would be subsidized by the […]

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Lipoic Acid Use and Functional Outcomes after Thrombolysis in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke and Diabetes

This is an interesting article on the benefits of alpha lipoic acid in treating ischemic stroke. It would be valuable to know if there are benefits to supplementing with lipoic acid to prevent stroke or minimize the effects. Alpha-lipoic acid (aLA) is a strong antioxidant commonly used for treating diabetic polyneuropathy. Previously, we demonstrated the […]

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Anti-aging tricks from dietary supplement seen in mice

This study demonstrates the effect of alpha lipoic acid on short telomeres and suggests that many chronic diseases, including atherosclerosis, are the result of shortened telomeres (the end-caps of our chromosomes).  While this study suggests that alpha lipoic acid acts to lengthen telomeres through its stimulatory effect on the enzyme telomerase, more recent studies suggest […]

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The Dynamic Duo

 The Dynamic Duo: Ethical Alternative Products Answers the Call  Wyckoff, NJ (PRWEB) June 26, 2013 The incidence of pre-diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in developed countries and is a precursor to Type 2 diabetes and it’s life-threatening complications. Alpha lipoic acid, the powerhouse natural substance, continues to be recognized as an effective means to ameliorate […]

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Welcome to ThioGel!

Alpha Lipoic Acid is arguably the best anti-oxidant for regular use, and ThioGel is the finest commercially available alpha lipoic acid product.  ThioGel is formulated for highest absorption, plasma levels, and bioavailability, and is made with the best European-source raw material alpha lipoic acid.  ThioGel has been used by leading integrative medicine physicians, and holistic […]

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