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European-Sourced Alpha Lipoic Acid

European-Sourced Alpha Lipoic Acid
Are You Looking for an alpha lipoic acid product that is made with the safest ingredients from a company that is willing to prove it?
ThioGel is one of the few alpha lipoic acid products that is made with high quality European-sourced raw material. We pay more than 5X what competitors pay for raw material alpha lipoic acid sourced from China, but we think it’s well worth the added expense. When you consume a supplement every day to improve your health you want to feel confident that it always contains pure and safe ingredients.
We are proud to show our customers the Certificate of Analysis for the alpha lipoic acid we buy from our European supplier. Have you tried to get this information from one of the “bargain” suppliers?
We are also proud of the way our ThioGel product is formulated to achieve the highest blood levels. High blood levels translate into higher uptake in your cells, achieving the all important “nutrient density” to get the benefit you are looking for.
Try a free 60-softgel bottle today and start to realize the enhanced benefits of this high quality product.
How our customers feel about ThioGel. . .
ThioGel has been a favorite product among integrative medicine physicians and holistic practitioners for more than 15 years. A recent survey sent to several hundred ThioGel customers found an equally positive reaction among individual consumers:
Top 3 Reasons for Choosing ThioGel: Doctor Recommended, Increased Bioavailability, Ingredients Sourced in Europe.
Top 3 Benefits Realized: Increased Energy & Sense of Well-being, Improved Glucose Control, Maintaining Healthy Weight.
General Impressions of Ethical Alternative Products: “Great”, “Exceptional Quality”, “High Quality Product”, “Good”, “Good But Expensive”, “I Like Them”

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