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ThioGel Is The World’s Finest Source Of Orally Administered Alpha Lipoic Acid:

What Makes ThioGel Unique?



  • ThioGel is a “premium” source of alpha lipoic acid.
  • ThioGel performance and quality is unmatched.
  • ThioGel’s advanced formulation delivers the highest alpha lipoic    acid absorption & bioavailability with oral dosing.

In the late 1990’s, the remarkable properties of alpha lipoic acid were beginning to be recognized by a broader segment of the scientific community. Scientific reports from Germany demonstrated that alpha lipoic acid was effective in alleviating the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy when it was administered intravenously, but less effective upon oral administration. Recognizing the drawbacks associated with oral dosage forms of alpha lipoic acid, a project was initiated by our formulation scientists to develop a solubilized formulation that would deliver enhanced alpha lipoic acid blood-levels that are closer to levels achieved with alpha lipoic acid administered intravenously. ThioGel was developed as a result of ground-breaking formulation research. ThioGel has a 10-year track record of superior performance in the hands of physicians, holistic practitioners, and individual consumers.

ThioGel: A Product Formulation You Can Trust




  • ThioGel products are produced in the United States in a state-of-   the-art pharmaceutical production facility that is compliant with     FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • The raw material alpha lipoic acid used in ThioGel is obtained    from commercial ALA pioneer LaboChim in Italy.
  • European made alpha lipoic acid has been used in extensive   laboratory, animal, and clinical studies and has been used in ThioGel for 15 years.

Even though the LaboChim alpha lipoic acid costs more than five times the cost of Chinese sources, the proven safety and efficacy of the European-sourced ALA outweighs any economic benefit from using Chinese-source material. Emphasizing patient safety is particularly important in a situation where large quantities of the active ingredient are consumed over long periods of time. The management and staff of Ethical Alternative Products firmly believes in the effectiveness and quality of ThioGel products. We welcome calls or E-Mails to discuss the features and benefits of our unique product portfolio, and are always willing to answer any questions related to the use of our products.

ThioGel’s Purpose: Getting The Miracle Molecule Where It Wants To Go.

“In a philosophic sense, it is the destiny of the alpha lipoic acid molecule to enter the bloodstream and be distributed to all cells in the body, to perform its anti-oxidant and other biologic functions. The primary impediment to fulfilling this destiny is the poor solubility of crystalline forms of the compound.

  • If a crystalline substance is soluble in water, it is broken down to a molecular form when it is dissolved, and depending on molecular size and a variety of other factors, the molecules will in large part be absorbed in the intestines.
  • Crystalline substances that are poorly soluble in water undergo a solubilization process in the gut, but the break-down of the crystals is limited and variable. Crystals will not pass through the intestinal membrane, only molecules will enter the circulation.


Formulation scientists have devised a variety of means to break-down poorly soluble substances to enhance absorption and bioavailability. The scientists who

ThioGel Bioavailability

developed the ThioGel solubilized formulation, performed ground-breaking work on the unique amphipathic structure of alpha lipoic acid, achieving a molecular dispersion that facilitated absorption in the intestines. The ThioGel micelle structure was demonstrated to result in a two to three-fold increase in plasma levels of alpha lipoic acid, versus several crystal (powder) based products. Bioavailability studies were conducted on the ThioGel formulation in rabbits and humans using 50 mg and 400 mg doses. Bioavailability, which is defined as the “extent to which the active moiety enters the systemic circulation, thereby gaining access to the site of action”, was substantially greater for the ThioGel formulation vs. the powder-based products.

Almost all alpha lipoic acid products are formulated as capsules or tablets, using powdered raw material alpha lipoic acid. There are no good reasons to formulate alpha lipoic acid products in this manner, but there is a considerable saving in manufacturing cost. Kinesiology studies repeatedly show that ThioGel is the favored source of alpha lipoic acid, no doubt because itgets more of the alpha lipoic acid molecule to where it is destined to go.


Here’s How ThioGel Works

Step 1: Get Your 60-Softgel Free Sample*
(*Just pay S & H)

We are so sure you will benefit from ThioGel’s enhanced performance, we will ship you your first month’s supply for free. Simply pay a small shipping and handling fee and start realizing the benefits of the miracle molecule.

Step 2: Take 1 or 2 Softgels Every Day

It is recommended that you start taking 1 or 2 ThioGel doses every day, once in the morning, and if needed, once again at night. The dose you use will depend on the condition you are seeking to stabilize.

Step 3: Relief of Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is not a condition that can always be perceived by the senses, but the restorative properties of alpha lipoic acid, delivered in enhanced ThioGel form, will contribute to your overall sense of well-being. Relief of oxidative stress should also be reflected in future measures of bodily functions that are adversely affected.

* Terms and conditions of the trial offer: By ordering your free 30-day trial of ThioGel™, you will pay only $7.95 for shipping and handling and have no obligation to order any additional products. For participating in our trial program, you are being offered free enrollment in our autoship program for future shipments of ThioGel. You are not obligated to enroll in the autoship program to receive your free trial, but if you enroll, you will receive a 20% discount off future shipments, free shipping, and the convenience of automatic shipments. If you enroll, you can cancel or customize future shipments at anytime by calling 1-800-861-0492 or contacting us through our website Your ThioGel™ trial bottle is 100% yours to keep today! Offer Limited to one FREE ThioGel sample per Customer.

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