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Oxidative Stress & Nervous System Aging

New Research on Oxidative Stress and Nervous System Aging: Mechanism for Age-Related Deficits Proposed.

Oxidative stress is implicated in normal aging, mediated by the loss of muscle innervation and axonal degeneration in the peripheral nerves. The ThioGel brand of solubilized alpha lipoic acid from Ethical Alternative Products has a proven track record of effectively managing oxidative stress.

PRWEB July 31, 2013.  A recent study* (Sims-Robinson et al) conducted in the Neurology Department at the University of Michigan has shed light on the mechanism for age-related deficits in the peripheral nervous system. Age-related changes in the central nervous system are well-defined and include loss of neurons, demyelination, and cognitive deficits. Less well-defined is the mechanism by which neuromuscular peripheral function declines with aging.

The oxidative stress or free radical theory of aging suggests that free radicals cause oxidative damage to proteins, DNA and lipids cumulatively over a period of time. To determine a potential mechanism for age-related deficits in peripheral nerves, the investigators examined functional and morphological changes in normal mice compared to changes in SOD1 deficient mice (a mouse model for increased oxidative stress).

Studying various markers for nerve damage, the authors found that oxidative stress was more detrimental to motor neurons than sensory neurons. The study data also suggested that axonal degeneration rather than myelin degeneration occurs during aging with increased levels of oxidative stress. The authors state that oxidative stress is not solely responsible for aging, but does play a major role and increases with age in both humans and animal models.

“While the above study provides valuable information on possible mechanisms for loss of motor function with aging, and may provide targets for future drug developments, many research studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of alpha lipoic acid on oxidative stress, particularly as it relates to nerve dysfunction,” stated Gerald Bruno, Ph.D. founder of Ethical Alternative Products. The proprietary ThioGel solubilized alpha lipoic acid formulation, prepared with European-sourced raw material alpha lipoic acid is available for a complimentary trial at

*Sims-Robinson C, Hur J, Hayes JM, Dauch JR, Keller PJ, et al. (2013) The Role of Oxidative Stress in Nervous System Aging. PLoS ONE 8(7): e68011. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0068011

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